Daily topic Tencent shares public comment on the pattern of local life O2O will change

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 19th news, the public comment about hand Tencent this rumor has intensified. It is said that Tencent shares will be a public comment, the investment of $400 million stake of about $2 billion to assess the value of the public point of about $20%. Under the agreement, Tencent has a pre emptive right to subscribe for 5% stake in the public comment IPO. But the two sides did not issue a statement to remain silent. This has to arouse people’s infinite reverie!

the second half of last year, with internet mergers, the public comment had been acquired by Baidu, but then the official public comment on the rumor, said no any related matters. As early as 2007, the public comment has also rejected Google’s offer to buy china. In fact, with online information resources and mass line, public comment has been considered to be one of the most hopeful among the billion dollar Club company a, is one of the most promising tickets in the field of O2O company. Especially in the giant crazy layout O2O moment. According to public information, public comment has completed four rounds of financing: the first round of the 2006 Sequoia capital invested $1 million investment; $4 million investment from Google in 2007 April 2011; loved the letter capital, Sequoia Capital, Qiming venture and Lightspeed venture investment of $100 million; in 2012, Sequoia Capital and other institutions an additional fourth $60 million round of financing.

mobile Internet is the biggest imagination is O2O, Tencent with WeChat has quietly become the largest O2O entrance, which is the advantage of Tencent, Tencent’s disadvantage is that O2O service category is not complete. Tencent have been trying to enrich the service life of electrical goods category, make up the short board: 5 WeChat launched WeChat payment, WeChat is also working with Shenzhen Rainbow Department store, in Southern China city to carry out super O2O exploration, the Tencent also owns Twitter Life, micro shopping, during the Spring Festival this year, WeChat has become a hot topic of red spring festival. But these are not enough. According to the official website of the public comment network information, public comment included more than 8 million businesses, more than 90 million mobile client users. Public comment director, co-founder of the Dragon last year in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic report, said that in 2013 the transaction volume will reach 10 billion. Investment in public comment, Tencent can help enrich the life of electricity class goods category. Investment in public comment, Tencent can help enrich the life of electricity class goods category.

for the acquisition rumors, Zhang Tao had this response: "from the company’s perspective, is the core value, whether we m people, or else the acquisition of our key, is valuable to us what we will do, no value of the things, we won’t be able to do." Internet oligarchs trend is becoming increasingly apparent, BAT with the mobile Internet in the field of capital behavior, the initial construction of their own mobile +O2O ecosystem. Tencent around WeChat to expand to a taxi, buy, Ali is extended around the payment to micro-blog, maps, Baidu is the core of the search to accelerate the buy, distribution and other intermediate page layout >