nventory 2010 grassroots webmaster attention ten news

for grassroots webmaster, 2010 is coming to an end, and to the inventory 2010, show the time of 2011. Over the past year, the Internet has happened a lot of events, there are a lot of closely related with the grassroots webmaster. The Internet is the webmaster is sad or happy amidst the winds of change. 2010 is the year of the tiger, and 2011 is the year of the rabbit. From the perspective of grassroots webmaster summary of the Internet in 2010, can be said to be like a rabbit, the Internet as a tiger. Each big tiger like tigers are scrambling to chase grassroots webmaster resources. In the battle and was for the competition, the owners like rabbits, fleeing, trying to find the hope of living in the cracks. Although the environment is bad, but from time to time can also see hope. 2011 is the year of the rabbit, I believe that the webmaster will become passive as the initiative, get rid of the tiger chase, through their own efforts and ideas of change, and the tigers coexist, to seek a higher level of development. Today, through the inventory of grassroots Adsense this year, the ten major news and webmaster look forward to the arrival of the new year.

first, after the network remediation, CN domain name system and the policy of taking photos gradually implemented

09 in December, the Internet launched a campaign to combat Internet pornography illegal information hitherto unknown remediation activities, although effective in combating illegal Internet pornography information, but slightly tough management also makes the most of the small and medium-sized website suffered heavy losses. The renovation has continued to the beginning of the year. In this regulation, a lot of illegal websites sacked, and some regular sites have also been implicated. In particular, the most serious impact on the remediation of CN domain name. Since the end of last year, the Ministry of industry to conduct a comprehensive inventory of registered domain names, nearly a year. CN domain name ownership from 13 million 680 thousand down to about 6000000, reduced more than 50%. Has lost three years ago after the introduction of a single registration of accumulated reputation and advantages. The origin of the Internet domain involving the network regulation yellow, eventually bring negative effects than positive, particularly for small and medium-sized business owners hit.

network after the implementation of new policies related to remediation. Cn domain name gradually began to strictly check personal information, and require the real name registration system. The real name system will help standardize the management of the CN domain name, but the registration process needs to submit all kinds of personal information, many webmaster for the registration process is too long and tedious, the domain name CN losing confidence. Accompanied by the CN domain name registration system is the real name of the site to take photos in various provinces and municipalities to carry out the policy. From the site to the site of the head of the IDC need to take pictures, to the owners can upload photos and information on their own photos, photo filing policy is also intended to comply with the meaning of the gradual simplification. But some of the special nature of the site still needs to photograph the scene, so that some owners complain incessantly. Can be seen from the implementation of the new deal, the Internet does need to strengthen supervision, but the negative effects of regulation can not solve the problem, is still not conducive to the long-term development of the internet.