Ministry of industry and Commerce has asked operators to develop plans for WeChat charges

January 2011

Tencent launched WeChat

March 2012

WeChat users break 100 million

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WeChat new video call function

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WeChat users break 200 million

January 2013

WeChat users break 300 million

September 2012

WeChat to increase the wave transfer function, allowing the QQ number and cell phone number from the micro signal solution tied

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The new WeChat

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WeChat to pay a hundred million users and the public eye of speculation, seems to be getting closer and closer to reality. March 31st, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei said that the communications operators to charge the requirements of WeChat has a certain degree of rationality, the Ministry is currently coordinating the matter. On the same day, China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing to participate in the IT Leadership Summit to talk about WeChat, said, today’s free of charge for tomorrow".

WeChat has the possibility of charging

MIIT minister Miao Wei in March 31st to attend the second session of the "south of the Five Ridges forum" said the Ministry is coordinating the communication operators to WeChat charges, have asked the operators to formulate the corresponding solutions submitted to the Ministry of. "(communications operators) said that I maintain such a large network, but also investment, but also operations, in addition to traffic should also have these charges, which is reasonable. But can not rely on the monopoly position, like a very good business like Tencent." Miao Wei said in an interview on the recipient.

Miao Wei also said that the regulatory authorities generally will stand in the user’s point of view, WeChat charges may be charged, but not significantly.

in March 19th, the Ministry issued the "December national telecommunications industry statistics express" data shows, this year 1-2 month, the SMS business volume reached 157 billion 610 million, an increase of 0.7%, significantly lower than the same period in 2012 7.6%, WeChat SMS obviously substitute.

on operators to WeChat and other OTT service providers charge of the topic, the industry heated debate. China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing said, an enterprise to sustainable development, an industry to sustainable development, contrary to the laws of the economy is difficult to do long-term."

Chang Xiaobing said he had not been involved in the talk show recently talked about WeChat charges, which is the main point of view, today’s free of charge for tomorrow". He also said that the operators and OTT companies will not develop into the fire, and more.