Group purchase website to play three circles quanqian circle enclosure

from China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the wind long group purchase market is close to the platform, in April increased the number of group purchase website declined, the new group purchase website not to 300, the number was significantly lower than in March 732 home.

, according to statistics from the group navigation website group 800, May, the total sales of the country’s 40 major cities to buy a total of $649 million, compared with the first decline in April of 650 million yuan. Buy the number of times and the number of passengers to buy compared with last month also appeared to reduce, and the top 10 of the average monthly growth rate of the group buying site fell by 5%.

this series of data, it indicates that the age of high-speed growth of group purchase industry has ended, the adjustment period will begin? In fact, from the current group purchase website market movements, "reshuffle" efforts are increasing. Group purchase website "three circle" movement – quanqian circle enclosure, more and more obvious.

– quanqian meituan manzuo

have been B round venture capital

July 5th, the market for the group to buy the site of the U.S. group net B round of financing rumors, the U.S. mission network responsible person to accept the securities daily interview, said the specific details to be released in July 7th. But according to the "Securities Daily", the market has been on the U.S. mission network framework of this round of financing was disassembled: U.S. group net B $50 million round of financing, investors include Sequoia Capital, Alibaba, northern lights, Walden International, etc..

analysts pointed out that in September last year, the U.S. mission network has received millions of dollars in the first round of financing Sequoia Capital, if the final confirmation of the Sequoia again after the vote, and pull to the Alibaba, the northern lights, Walden International heavyweight VC, the lineup is quite a luxury. In addition to greatly enhance the financial strength of the U.S. mission network, the U.S. group’s market image and the market is expected to play a big bonus.

1 weeks ago, group purchase site full network announced that has completed second rounds of financing of $80 million, led by Kai Penghua Ying, and 3 VC with the vote. Last September, full network won the first round of investment KPCB $10 million B round of investment, KPCB is still led.

1 months ago, Wo Wo Group announced the group purchase website, strategic investment from CDH, Tianyou, branch number of VC. Wo Wo Group chairman Xu Maodong said in an interview, the future will have more investment institutions, is expected in the first round of financing will reach $200 million.

analysts pointed out that, with the increasing number of buy site began B round of financing, in order to wind their usual timetable, the next 2 years, the independent listing of the group buying site will certainly appear. At the present stage, it depends on who can ‘endure’, who can ‘carry’, the key is the ability to compete financing, who can survive, it is possible to succeed, ‘left’ is king."

ring – group purchase website poaching war

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