The history of the development of network video Merry total to severe tests

Since the birth of

network video, it has become a field of intense competition. From the early users, traffic and bandwidth contention, to the later copyright war, and then to buy the copyright resources boom, and then gradually return to rational, began to diversify the development path. The development of video websites, swing as many youth also kill many people to live in the wild, gradually become the adult game, the industry has entered the era of strong competition "oligarchs".

China once the video industry is now the star of countless, all fall, only a few companies adhere to today, and have the advantage and development direction of their own. How do they go today? Now, in addition to excellent soil, PPS, Sohu, Iqiyi, music and other video sites still occupy a certain market, they are what stand heel? Future video industry competition is what look like? Maybe we can find the answer from the moment in history.

2006~2008 video genesis

2006, YouTube was acquired after the astronomical price of Google, the U.S. video sharing site into the Chinese people’s vision. A lot of people spotted the huge business opportunities, contains the video sites have to follow, a time of domestic video website exploding. Although the birth of the network video industry is not a long time, but the development is very rapid. Removal of professional video sites (Youku, potatoes, 56 nets, music, PPlive), a number of portals (Sohu, Sina, NetEase) also began to enter the field. Their main model is video sharing, gathered a lot of popularity and traffic in a short time.

in the beginning, the 56 Network has the most extensive user through video upload, video, photo album, beauty and other live programs, will become the largest website to create video and photo sharing platform, daily active users of more than 10 million. However, in June 3, 2008 56, the network suddenly can not access, for unknown reasons; in June 4th, the website said it was because the room line fault; June 8th website appeared official announcement, said the site is close to system maintenance and upgrading, did not give time to reopen. Users of the real close reason many people think 56 There were many discussions. And the network was closed because has not obtained the video licence, when the SARFT announced the second batch of "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", namely the video licence. It is also believed that the 56 Network shut down because of its significant defects in government relations. After more than a month, 56 net back online. A month to shut down, but it was badly hurt.

, Youku potatoes in the month turned out 56 disappear. Youku for her special "fast play, quick release, quick search product characteristics", fully meet the user’s growing demand for diversified interactive. In 2007, was first put forward the "shoot off everywhere", advocate "who can do the shoot off, lead the people mad making cultural trends, a strong response, after repeated shoot off as >