Short link Bitly won 2000 million investment will launch real time virtual search engine


foreign media reports TheVerge, provide the URL and link shortening, sharing and tracking service startup Bitly for people recently received a $20 million investment, and will launch some new products, including a real-time, virtual search engine.

Bitly was founded in late 2009 and headquartered in New York (formerly The company turned out to be an experiment in the laboratory, but now it has developed into a mature start-up company with a complete and effective business model. The investor’s investment in Bitly, the main reason is to look at the broad prospects of its important branch business – link data analysis services.

link data analysis is one of the main business of Bitly, Bitly customers can track their own links throughout the Internet in real time through the enterprise panel, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other sites. Enterprise customers can use Bitly to optimize their social sharing content and ways, or to observe their corporate influence, etc..

Bitly has launched a real-time social search platform, and based on the platform released the Reputation-Monitoring (reputation detection) services. The latest Bitly plans to release the product is based on real-time social search platform for virtual search engine. It can be based on the link of the contents of the click and forward statistics, to provide users with real-time information trends.

For example, when you search for a

city Piazza shop or a cinema, virtual search according to the social network and other sites on the Piazza store or movie link click, forwarding, sharing times to be ranked, so that users can find popular search results in real time, even in the Google is not before the keyword index.