Fans play the best economic nternet Co TOP 10

introduction: "fans economy" times, "Xi Shi tofu" is one of them, and no matter how her first tofu, most people are directed to the "tofu" Xi Shi’s beauty, or appreciation or love. "Tofu" played their own brand, but also to spend the consumer’s heart at ease. Today, the product or service without fans, are embarrassed to say that they are doing business. Gathered a lot of entrepreneurs fans entrepreneur, for his endorsement of powder Chen Chen, hit the box office miracle fan film "small time". Some game player into various fields showstopper, the charm of English teacher do mobile phone, Indoorsman fans held the red king sledgehammer, set off from the media trend of logic thinking, from the service to the mobile phone, from entertainment to culture, "never thought", a fan of the economy so much damage.


below, the dark horse for everyone to inventory the latest fans economy players TOP 10.


list of reasons:

"Luo thinking" is the most popular knowledge on the internet talk show, slogan: "kind, material, interesting. Looking for knowledge in the knowledge since the broadcast, it’s 40 million times the volume of broadcast, video reviews for the 100 thousand time, Youku score up to 9.2 points, while WeChat public account micro friends is as high as 700 thousand!

logic thinking is launched in August this year membership fee system accounted for 1 million 600 thousand, which not only attracted people from the media from the media about how to fall slobber, realized the topic such as fall catkin like in each big media articles. By October, the logic of thinking has a new action, they first give Luo powder were distributed Rowley (the logic of thinking, welfare) is announced sale of publications "name logic thinking" in October 8th, three days more than 3000 in the sale, Dangdang, Amazon, Jingdong bestseller charts. Fans happy, Luo also happy, the logic of thinking before the three step sonorous and forceful.

fans in the economy fans value lies in: one part is that the fans will be fans, there is always a part of the fans will pay for your product, there is always a part of the fans with their own practical action to the people around to become new fans. Buyers become fans is normal, and fans to become buyers of additional value is immeasurable.

: the number of fans assumes


fan mania: assumes

fan loyalty: assumes

millet phone

list of reasons:

26 million 110 thousand units, which is millet in the first half of 2014 sales results. In the second quarter of this year, the proportion of domestic smart phone sales accounted for, millet from the previous quarter to upgrade to the top second in the second quarter of the second quarter of the weak by the order of 1.9% to.

millet by born to have a fever high price, low price products, Lei Jun "self"