Lingchuan county Party Secretary Ma Siqing visited the government website construction



July 2nd morning, party secretary Ma Siqing, accompanied by deputy magistrate of the county government, county government, director of the original brilliance of Wang Lixin, director of the office of the office of Yuan Hongfang County, the County Animal Husbandry Bureau of Bao Yongqing’s work, made a special trip to the county government information center survey information. In a detailed understanding of the operation, information updates and information releasing of government network, the Secretary of the horse on the site used to be fully affirmed the work, he asked the government website to a high starting point plan, a high level of performance, to seize the information high, combined with the current situations of county informatization work, put forward specific request to the website construction.

Ma Siqing pointed out that the network is a good platform for foreign exchange of learning. The county government website to further broaden their horizons, to actively go out and learn successful experience in the field office website, and strengthen the well-known website links, open columns, rich web content, good external image is more comprehensive, vivid display of Lingchuan, more active in Lingchuan, Lingchuan propaganda promotion efforts. He asked that the site should be combined with the actual work in the continuous innovation, and actively explore, adhere to the demand driven, to promote the development of applications. Give full play to the network media with traditional media incomparable universality, convenience and openness of the advantage, closely around the county Party committee and government priorities, and actively explore foreign propaganda and promotion of Lingchuan Lingchuan New Area in tourism promotion, agricultural and sideline products sales information industry as the focus, actively promote the natural environment of Lingchuan advantage the natural green agricultural and sideline products, and let more people understand Lingchuan, Lingchuan investment. Government website to close to the public needs, and constantly enrich the content of government website services, innovative service, improve the level of convenience services website. We should attach great importance to the role of government websites in promoting the communication between the government and the people, strengthen the integration of the interactive resources and improve the channels of public participation. To enhance the vitality of the work, more efficient and reasonable use of this platform, showing a harmonious Lingchuan, charming Lingchuan.

finally, Ma Siqing encouraged the site staff to seriously study business knowledge, to improve the comprehensive quality, through hard work, the Lingchuan County People’s government to do good website boutique government portal website, the satisfaction of the people.