College Students’ community website from scratch

      since the beginning of this year our company and the partners planned a student community portal station network), settled through development of more than half a year, part of the basic program can be used, but the flow has not been up. This makes us very headache, this special group of College students is difficult to operate, the website and creative technology must be very good. Otherwise they won’t bother you. This market of campus network basically ruled the market.

      but we are planning our own. The different positioning means the competition point is different, also will have a chance. But the flow is really a headache, we in the university campus also made some slight activity, activity is good, but it is also because of website popularity. The website itself technology is not very perfect, the development of the main busy background program, the optimization is not done. So there is no money in the campus promotion. This greatly is the next thing. So now the main consideration with the flow through the network, speculation is one aspect. We have the community part-time friends tourism as the main characteristics, although the college students play a lot of people, but on the search engine keyword is not related to college students, these. Baidu index, " " college students; the word is OK, like " College Students Part-time " " " " college dating; college students’ Tourism in general. But in the front row is " " " " the employment of college students; college students’ self identification; " college students’ occupation planning " " ideological report " words can be clearly seen. Most are the site of.


      so do a model class website flow, after using this website to stay network popularity. Van station work is carried out in this.

        domain name in June 4th, this work is very headache, now the domain name was very powerful, a good domain name domain name is really hard to find. To name children is very important. To understand the optimization of the people know that English optimization domain name if it contains key words is very important for the corresponding optimization. But Chinese? Chinese domain is not popular, but is only forwarded. But now I wonder if we have found? In the search engine already can identify web site keywords as pinyin Pinyin so it is good for the site, is not today, sooner or later there will be, I believe. There are now very popular domain name native words are very strong. Therefore, we chose " fanwen" the US domain name Pinyin as a starting point, the process is omitted, a lot of good domain names are not final. We used 369 more students, after Plus 369 is also a good idea to remember, as well as in the small keyboard in a