Look at these O2O project death list arrogant nternet people should reflect on

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for a landing O2O project, the test system is the ability of the founding team: how to drainage, how to deal with the huge data, how to design a sustainable business model.

in the past two years, every day O2O venture capital companies to obtain financing, there are O2O venture project to suspend, collapse. The takeaway food, education, tourism and other fields, "the living", "the dead", a aihong.

O2O of these deaths, the existence of common, what is the chance and necessity of admission and admission to the new? O2O game player, "martyrs" left to the lessons of


can not afford to buy traffic

at the beginning of 2015, to house net, find fun, hiking travel, travel travel dog jelly O2O get together to death, care network, room 36, to help test education help O2O has closed, the housing network, the way network, such as real estate O2O billion us to lonely.

O2O the industry set off a tide of death, both have the same logical chain: because of high consumption frequency, attract giant reached monopoly, flow entrance, elevation and promotion expenses to the "grassroots" burn money out of sadness.

go to the travel network CEO Chen Zuozhi said, the current WeChat from the media for large size are more than 50 thousand yuan, a number of commercials bring 5000 App downloads. Even so, O2O game player are happy, competing for. When Ctrip, where to go and the way cattle in the capital support force have tourism O2O has become a "rich" game, "grassroots" can only be put off to another day".

O2O every day in fresh field, orchard, Jingdong, SF preferred playing a fierce price war, 1 cents to 30 yuan to buy fruit, for a App download". This move, Beijing, Shanghai has closed dozens of fresh O2O grassroots entrepreneurs.

in Chongqing, a real estate business to the owners launched to send two boxes of high-end mineral water, for a App download activities. Note that the mineral water retail price of 12 yuan, a box of $144, to promote a App installation actually requires $288. This directly led to a number of local communities O2O venture project was forced to stop.

entrepreneurs have almost reached a consensus, when some of the big platform or giant with data and user access to an industry portal resources, it will make the vast majority of grassroots entrepreneurs into a dilemma. Such an industry is known as O2O’s "traffic black hole"".

is a response to the "black hole" before the formation of rapid and sustainable financing. 2013, drops and fast in line to start shopping, find their Tencent and Alibaba big two; 2014, drops and fast, simply merge, become car giant O2O. Soon, shake, love carpool in "fast drop" the amount of subsidies under the impact of retreat, finally closed at a valuation of tens of billions of dollars have been formed industry giants.