Taobao mobile phone number the seller may shield buyers lost user data

news June 28th, the day before, billion state power network exclusively learned that Taobao plans to begin in mid July, "shield" orders of users in the mobile phone number, which will cause the parties completely lost contact".

is reported that Taobao will be named after the service, mobile number protection services". The specific form of realization is: the user will not show the real phone number to the seller and the logistics company after Taobao shopping, only to show the system automatically assigned temporary phone number. Sellers and logistics companies can contact the user through a temporary phone number to support voice calls and text messages transfer, the end of the transaction or the user to terminate the service after the temporary number is released and frozen, unable to continue.

According to

billion state power network to understand, currently Taobao has not officially announced the news, but to the service open platform open to those who issued the relevant notice to remind developers pay attention to the relevant interface changes. The business change is mainly related to the order of receipt of information related to the entrance, including export orders, order details, logistics delivery, logistics details page, as well as the receipt address information related to the query API.

based on Taobao’s advice to developers, the future will likely occur in the following situations:

users will not be able to get any phone number when they take the order but do not pay,

users have paid but the transaction is not completed, the seller can see the user’s virtual phone number, can communicate with the user through the virtual phone number;

users have paid and the transaction is over or the user initiative to disable the temporary number, the phone number will not be able to continue to connect the phone, the seller will no longer be able to communicate with the user through the mobile phone.

Taobao said the new feature is to protect the user’s privacy information, to prevent malicious harassment to ensure the healthy development of the entire online shopping environment. It is reported that the business is currently gradually open strategy, and the initiative by the user to choose, the order has a certain randomness.

, however, the news was released, the seller has shouted Taobao this recruit enough ruthless". The reason is the mobile phone number once transit way, both parties will complete the "separate" "lost" big data users will be the exclusive control by Taobao, the seller in the "barehanded" under the premise of CRM management, marketing will be empty.

, a well-known traditional brand electricity supplier responsible person believes that the purpose of e-commerce is to further simplify the transaction process, the establishment of a fast connection between buyers and sellers, and Taobao’s move is completely contrary. Even under the line, but also never heard of any mall will interfere with the seller to get the phone number of consumers. The seller will even basic user management can be done, that is the protection of privacy, but it is too far."

another general manager of the electricity supplier of traditional brands, pointed out that, compared to lost contact, he was more concerned about the existence of a serious mismatch between Taobao and the seller.

Taobao and the seller before the joint to do O2O, to help us do the user groups’ portrait ‘>