For the game site to provide community power Discuz debut ChinaJoy

so many fans have been waiting for a long time, the Ninth China International Digital Interactive Entertainment exhibition and ChinaJoy Games officially launched. Tens of thousands of game enthusiasts gathered in Shanghai to watch the Cosplay show as well as many game manufacturers of new products, games and other products. Unlike in previous years, the current ChinaJoy game show in addition to the main game manufacturers, but also increased a lot of new faces, such as the game information website, game Union and community software provider Kang Sheng (Comsenz).

in recent years, with the maturity and development of the game industry, the game industry has developed rapidly. According to relevant research institutions predict that in 2011 China’s game output will reach $5 billion, an increase of more than 100%. On the one hand, China game industry after years of accumulation, gradually mature, and the formation of online games, web games and social games in a situation of tripartite confrontation situation; on the other hand, facing the Internet mobile, social development trend, many game makers are scrambling to develop mobile Internet based games, and have set up a community forum, gathered the game the user provides a communication, interactive social paradise for the game user.

Some game makers,

ChinaJoy exhibition game and game information website construction trade unions, have their own communities, like the happy net, Jinshan network to play more games, 07073 games, 766 games, 52pk games, swim long nets, Ranger net, A9VG, wow of Warcraft game video bus, trade unions, trade union Eve the gates of hell, all of the trade unions and other leading community station products Discuz to build their own community.

it is understood that the ChinaJoy show these games site is using Discuz! To build a community forum, there are three main reasons: to prevent the loss of customers, gather popularity game, build a game player and share the game to meet their social needs of the community.

at ChinaJoy, long travel network staff said: "has its special place in the game industry, game play friends although the activity is high, but with the changes in the life cycle of the game and the loss rate is very high, and the community can make up for this deficiency, to provide the game player a in addition to the game and share, dating place, so most of the game makers and game information website using Discuz! The establishment of community forum, to gather popularity, to avoid the loss of game player."

to swim for a long time Network Forum (, for example, it is not only one of the largest gaming community, but also the largest share of Warcraft map site, its website content has been sought after by Warcraft players. But the players in the site in addition to download the map is difficult to form an atmosphere of communication, player drain serious problem. The problem in the tour for a long time after the use of Discuz! Has been significantly improved and the game player in each map in experience and story can share to more let u9 is not just a game player, ‘>