Wanda electricity supplier flying where the network to become the two generation of e commerce platf

is a new electricity supplier Wanda electricity supplier o2o intelligent platform for joint venture Baidu Inc, Tencent Inc, Wanda Group! First of all, this is a deep background of the company, is rich in resources, the development of the future should not be overlooked! A word used to describe "fifast network, e-commerce platform – to two rich generation a fly where the net


Wanda electricity supplier has the entire Internet of big data resources from the following points can be seen flying everywhere rich resources:

1: Baidu, Baidu is the largest search engine in China, covering the entire Internet, if, Wanda fly where the network will be formally connected to Baidu access to all aspects of resources!

2: the Tencent, Tencent has the most Internet users users of instant messaging software, WeChat and QQ, I predict fifast network officially launched, Tencent QQ and WeChat will open and fly each interface where the net flow, through a full range of


3: Wanda Plaza under the line, Wanda Plaza superior line of resources available to fly where the network, where the network will be flying in the line under the combination of


seen from the above three points fifast network officially launched, will not only get online covering the whole network, but also online to attract people’s vision! Have online and offline resources fifast network these richly endowed by nature would be


is the only explanation for the domain name? Why do you want to use the ffan.com domain name? According to the user ‘s memory and input habits, the best domain name is the pinyin. The domain name ffan.com will make a lot of users in the wrong input when I was wrong!! to lose the domain name feifan.com! This is where the fly network traffic problems, because the input habits of Internet users to quietly slip


Wanda electricity provider platform to provide those services?

1: Wanda electricity supplied is a combination of o2o online and offline, online in fifast can achieve predetermined scheduled parking spaces, Wanda cinema movie tickets, dining reservations, and some other intelligent life, where the fly net can greatly facilitate the people’s life, save a lot of time on 2: Wanda electricity supplier also provides services related to finance, a bit like Ali balance treasure, Wanda financial hit slogan: "5.6%-7.0% annual benefit", such a high income is full of temptation, Wanda

is really rich!

why so many traditional companies want to enter the field of e-commerce

1: with the progress of society, the impact of the Internet on people’s lives more and more, the popularity of the computer is getting higher and higher, people’s shopping habits evolved from the traditional store to the internet.

2: follow the trend of the development of the Internet, e-commerce is the lifeblood of the future economy, and now seize the economic system, will bring great benefits to the enterprise.

wrote in the end: Wanda electricity supplier flying everywhere, the trend of development is good, the fact that the hero, now is the Internet >