Huanggang high school teachers to build the college entrance examination monthly income over thirty

is only 25 years old, Hubei province Huanggang Guo teacher, now a high school teacher, the use of spare time to establish entrance network journalism, put into use in October, in less than a month’s time, has more than 4 thousand individual members, 17 members of the school, the school annual membership fee of more than 30 thousand.

Guo teacher, during the University, is responsible for the establishment of the Department of management school mathematics website and school student website. 2005 graduated from the University as a teacher in high school, a chance to understand, the college entrance examination test information is very important, the general school will buy the national school year examinations (such as Beijing, Qidong, Huanggang), so he would have an idea of establishing a college entrance examination test information service platform, the high school teachers and students.

08 years in June summer, through a period of two months, with the help of students and friends to establish the college entrance examination". Because of their own questions, can only rely on the students and users to upload questions throughout the country. So, it is the construction of such a platform: members upload questions – the audit by the host – school users recharge the cost of downloading —60% upload upload upload the test questions. In this way, upload test questions users and website profit, the school has also been the latest college entrance examination resources.

a hard harvest, from the site planning to buy the domain name and server, and then to the operation and management, each link is not very simple. He did not pay a little bit, but more rest time and the work of bitterness. Early in the site, because he is not a computer professional, learning by doing so many things to do today, so cannot do without the help of many friends. In addition, the update of the questions is also very important and troublesome, because this is the only way to buy a school. Such as Jiangsu Qidong high school today, the monthly exam, nearly two days must notify local members to upload questions and answers.

at present, the site has just begun to develop well, he felt very happy. He said it was not because of the income of the site, but more importantly, in the establishment of the site, in all aspects of learning and development, as well as teachers across the country to become friends. In the future to make the school at ease, let the teacher heart, let the students feel at ease "as the concept of development of college entrance examination, the high school teachers and students service, I believe will be better.