Adsense network broadcast public comment to test the water O2O shopping Amoy brand collective destru

1 public comment to test the water O2O shopping

food and lifestyle services to the public comment on the recent test of the kind of water to buy, but the line experience, online payment O2O shopping".

it is understood that the first test water is public comment to the ShangHai Railway Station, Saturday (ST& SAT), Lies Dan (Le Saunda) footwear brands, covering Shanghai more than and 100 stores, consumers can group purchase, experience in two ways through experience online and offline purchase or buy online and offline: 1) store try shoes after the store two-dimensional code scanning into the public comment group purchase page to buy online, enjoy online flagship store group purchase price is lower than 2); online group purchase price after purchase group purchase coupons by try to shop and receive the shoes don’t fit at any time online exchange.

for the user, the store can be collected to make up for the lack of consumer experience, for businesses, you can enhance the online user base to guide the line to shop rate, while accelerating its internet.

The WeChat

2 month minimum consumption of 36 yuan netizens questioned WeChat charges

speed transit network July 18th news, at the 2013 Tencent Partner Conference, WeChat product assistant general manager has said, WeChat and Guangdong Unicom phone recharge in the test phase. Today morning, WeChat and Guangdong Unicom cooperation scandal came again, the new media network president Wang Bin said on micro-blog, WeChat for the minimum monthly consumption of 36 yuan.

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3: DSP Ruan Jingwen continued to develop ecological industry to maintain good

speed transit network since the beginning of 2012 China began formal DSP (Demand Side Platform, the advertising demand side platform) since the service, a growing number of online advertising companies to develop or transition DSP, there are many entrepreneurs in the field. In the "cloud computing – big data touted the concept of market, but did not see how much mature business model under the background of DSP precision marketing and advertising throughout the network change seems to be the first big data field with a clear path to commercial development and huge profit potential.

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4 electricity supplier business blindly burn as precise marketing

July 11th domestic online short rental market originator love daily rental closed. As for why close, there are many rumors. From a few months ago, there are rumors airizu two years invested tens of millions, finally hit.