Under the guidance of WEB2 0 thought to do industry website

a user centric B2B industry website

in the process of B2B website construction enterprise at present, most of the site planners are positioning themselves in the industry authoritative information platform, business information exchange platform, but did not see the release of part of the user’s information value, such as forums and blogs at the column is auxiliary column, did not fully mobilize the enthusiasm of users to participate in the exchange the natural sentiment does not go on, we can see the domestic part of the industry website forum is basically idle in a corner of the site. The operation of the site is also limited by the popularity of information to see fewer people, fewer registered members, lack of information on the site, to the operation of the site to bring a lot of bottlenecks, Alibaba is currently doing a better job in this regard.

A: industry website users, researchers, a large part is not industry experts, but the ordinary industry practitioners, it is also referred to as the basis of the user, in addition to their reading authority of business information, business information query issued, there is a very important requirement is to express their views, and exchange friends in the industry, are not necessarily commercial information, more of their own views, and some of the feelings, as long as we put some users a high degree of attention to the essence of information in an important position, can improve the site’s popularity, the formation of a user centric culture atmosphere, allowing users to generate. The sense of


B: in the site planning, construction and operation of the process to enhance the Web2.0 to a height, as the guiding ideology, in the column settings, layout, content construction, more attention to the user as the core;

to the user as the core to establish the B2B industry website, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all levels of user participation, mining resources, industry rich content, improve the user cohesion and the industry the right to speak, for example: according to our solutions, should be part of the forum, blog and other information on the website of the important position, fully mobilize the active participation of users.

two, the establishment of a powerful and easy to operate interactive network shop platform

is one of the core platform of B2B industry website, the network shops is the system of enterprise user management system, business directory, product display, supply and demand information, enterprise and enterprise dynamic communication in such a powerful, user registration, each user enterprises have their own background management system and a business front shops show platform.

At present,

similar platform a lot, but a large part or a simple function, only release information in the enterprise interaction is relatively poor; or is very powerful, but the operation is complex, poor usability, the access speed is too slow, search engine friendly, and the vast majority of users will not exchange interaction platform the integrated system. Throughout most of the industry on the network B2B business platform system, due to the user is not friendly enough, or to help the relevant documentation to do worse, resulting in user information is not beautiful and readable, search cited