On several misunderstandings of content marketing

is now almost all of the enterprises and individuals in a variety of content marketing, such as we see every day in the WeChat public number of articles is a part of marketing, but there are a lot of people do content marketing will start with great passion to do, do it seems very difficult to do even, do not feel the effect of the way will stop. Through the analysis, also appear to be in accordance with the marketing method is reasonable and accurate to perform, but often less effective. Especially those who invested a great effort to do it, and do a lot of work, but also created a lot of excellent marketing content, the content involved in promotion, but did not receive the expected results, in fact, this problem has many factors, among them, do content marketing effect is not ideal, there are many because in some misunderstanding.

first, you can create high quality content, but did not take into account the user’s feelings. Many do content marketing companies will often make a mistake, that is too focused on content creation, and will look completely transferred to the products and brands, completely ignore the user experience, which will cause them to do marketing although the content is very high, but can not grasp the precise user. If a marketing content cannot provide value to customers, including giving users entertainment, help users solve problems, even if the user is Bo smile, so this time may have deviated from the focus of marketing. Regardless of whether you have a good brand marketing story, and ultimately, if you can not become the story of the user, then your content marketing is bound to go very far. Therefore, before the creation of the content, you need to learn more about the user may be concerned about or want something. For example, often pay attention to some of the popular search words, consider whether you can brand and customer contact together at the time of creation, make your products and brands and these entries have a certain relevance, because these popular words are often the most users want to see, or you put the dry brand and the product story beautiful user will feel boring, blunt or even offensive. In addition, you can increase the content of the same type of user feedback in the functional module, the user likes to integrate the content of the brand and products.

second, the content of the process of marketing attention to the expression of discourse. Here it refers to the discourse is said in the marketing of products and brand, should pay attention to some text propaganda statements, to allow the user to see marketing product qualities, because a product or brand in the marketing is that it has the character or activity, if the products in A platform the representation is an image of the atmosphere, in the B platform will allow users to look like this product is a soft and delicate products, no such consistency is clearly propaganda, users at all of your marketing content have lasting impression. The utterance is of excellent brand and product content marketing indispensable elements, when you are marketing a variety of channels, this expression is very important, even if it is replaced on the expression of some tone to decide whether the product can effectively transfer the information to the different.