Push is to push the process of shameless practical case

      author Zhang Yongqiang, 90 market, vertical fashion media promotion background, after 1 years as a charge of the market; after leaving to join the entrepreneurial team of micro division as marketing director, who was to learn before the acquisition, push responsible person is in charge of BD

for the O2O service class platform or products, to push operators to promote the necessary step, but push actually is also a great risk, on the one hand, the increasingly high cost, weak effect on the other hand, with fierce competition, so the market operators is a big challenge, what choice do push. Here to share with you some of the experience I do push.

push the three stage

When it comes to the time node

to push the simple choice, is divided into three stages: seed stage, the user activity promotion stage, burn smashing market share.

, the seed stage for start-ups (user – seed / Angel round) for limited funds, the first batch of seed users positioning must be accurate enough, so the post operation can become the core of the user, the user can obtain time cost slightly more expensive, is to give you the initial user experience and accept a a relatively high force lattice expectations, on the other hand, the high cost of digging the user easily.

according to the different industries, Jingdong some time ago in accordance with the frequency of consumption to be classified, roughly divided into 5 layers. The first layer to take out, second layers of leisure food and fresh, the home for the third class, the drug for the class of the fourth layer, the low frequency of the fifth (education, flowers, etc.).

according to the frequency of your choice to consume your first batch of seed users, when the user reaches the predetermined target stop push, the number of seed users operation core users (diehard powder), fast optimization of product or platform for you.

second stage: stage promotional activities after the first stage when you finished financing (A round, Pre-B round) at this stage should be the main activities to attract users by the stage, do event marketing activities according to the theme, for a place to push, this stage will not push the overall cost too high.

third stages: burn smashing market share — this is the stage to get more money, you have to fight your competitors and market share, this time is to be optimized according to previous experience, quickly put the copy mode to the city – Province – country.


hands to teach you to do push

here to education as an example, explain the push process of

1, select the target population and location and time: K12 students, the location of primary and secondary schools, half an hour before school time, each school 2-3 individuals.

2, Capitol: each school time, there is no need to pay attention to peer billing, this is because the school gate.