A Yi Lin health dehumidification paste total generation to teach you how to make money

as AI Yi Lin health dehumidification posted total generation WeChat: 15050999225, make the following introduction of products:

derivative products as everyone knows, do want to go fast, must be in the short term can quickly use products like soap, shampoo, this kind of product, you have to wait to sell the same users a few months to re purchase. To sell more products, it is necessary to do this kind of short-term use of the end, it is best to be able to run out for a month and a half, so this is why 2014 is basically a skin care products to occupy the market micro providers. If you want to make money, but also a high profit margins, and Imran desiccant paste this product precisely with these two natural attributes.

now young people basically have the habit of staying up all night, so this is why this product is only a month from the unknown to the agent more than and 100. The key is that the product of the total generation has not done anything to promote, if done promotion, the fission rate will be faster.

a good product to make money, there are three characteristics

1 product re sale fast

2 product profits high

3 products easy to sell

as I said before, now young people have the habit of staying up late, and Chinese ninety percent people are in sub-health state, basically are busy working, do not pay attention to maintenance of your body, resulting in excessive moisture. And excessive moisture is the main cause of suffering from rheumatism. In addition to the dehumidification paste except moisture, but also refreshing, detoxification, laxative use, and you can see the effect immediately after the specific things, I will not say, it is more advertising.

do micro business is mainly for the fission speed, and desiccant paste can be recruited in January just over a hundred agents, the main reason is because the threshold is very low, and the product is very good. There is no sell out of the situation, most people are in their own use, it is because the effect of the product is good agent, basically need to paste a paste every day to relieve fatigue and detoxification.

What is the most promising future of

industry? Is the health industry, are now very much at home, nouveau riche rich people, and especially cherish life and Nouveau riche. So more and more people are aware of health problems. Of course, in addition to health care nouveau riche problem, grass root also pay attention to health problems.

maintenance and health is not to say that you have money, have time to do it, so this product can go so the fire because it is good for both young and old. For the elderly, suffering from rheumatism can be used, for young people, you can detox, prevent rheumatism, especially vulnerable groups. So close to everything.

as to whether there is such a God, only used to know. Chairman Mao also said that there is no right to speak without detection. Similarly, there is no use without the right to speak.

micro business in 2014, when the skin care products are dominated by