Dangdang com cited Free Ebook marketing arm condemned hurt

reporter Yang Wenming


"than the hand hard, more than the eye, not afraid, afraid to grab, e-books, full 0 yuan, only 3 days." April 17th, Dangdang announced that, in addition to a few varieties, other books are free download. This "Brokeback marketing" strategy to attract competitors Jingdong mall said, "free who hasn’t? You have no books!" soon, Jingdong mall rushed to the line on the 50 thousand e-books available for free download.


did not communicate with all publishers in advance, the author has submitted a lawyer’s letter

two business "battle of wits, make readers smile. Download free e-books, the voice of the rapid spread on the network.

however, "0 yuan book has attracted the partner’s dissatisfaction. According to reports, dangdang.com e-book sales with publishers and authors into settlement according to the income, once the free download will cut off the partners. According to media reports, the fruit and wheat culture, said the writer Feng Tang has submitted a letter of attorney to dangdang.

Although Dangdang

claimed that there have been some communication with the press, but according to an interview with reporters, Dangdang did not get the license of all publishers. Zhao Chen, director of the people’s literature publishing digital publishing and the Ministry of science and technology said they later learned dangdang.com electronic books free download a thing, "although we sometimes will also participate in some promotional activities, but will not come up with all the books in" price war ", download e-books do not need to pay, it is difficult to explain to the author."

communication with Dangdang, the people’s Literature Publishing House has been on the shelves of e-books. Dangdang also communicate with us about the issue of compensation, then we will be in accordance with the agreement with the author and the compensation." Zhao Chen said.

Li Changqing, Professor of information management, Peking University, believes that, as corporate behavior, to promote the introduction of concern understandable, but the key lies in the legality of this promotional behavior. "The only authorized to obtain the relevant press, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the author, the three party effective coordination author, publishing house, business interests, can only be" Brokeback "."


due to fat private and harm far, affecting the quality of cultural production capacity

in fact, the electricity supplier "Roubo auction" is not the first time. The Dangdang launched the free download, the president of the network in the course of three hundred seems, is a short-term promotional behavior, mainly for its May launch of the reader to do warm-up.

survey data show that only 9.4% of readers after reading the book will go to buy paper books. Free download e-books, book sales discount, especially for the publishing industry." Cheng believes that the e-book is bound to affect the sales of paper books, thus affecting the publisher’s output capacity, in the long run, but the damage to the interests of the book’s electricity supplier.

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