Liu Xiaoqing will be Obama ranked first in the VP guests

during the Spring Festival, China famous Yi Yan star Liu Xiaoqing to the United States will be Obama, the party number NO.1 VIP guest. She is in micro-blog drying out the photos, a red skirt looks good.

2 12 July early in, our "blackflow goddess" Liu Xiaoqing has not been idle, when the U. S. President Obama "NO.1  VIP  VIP"! She aired their dinner in the United States in the micro-blog personal photos, photos of Liu Xiaoqing, dressed in a red dress dressed appearance, jewelry accessories is also very eye-catching, showing strong festive atmosphere.

When the Spring Festival China

add to become Obama’s guest, Liu Xiaoqing looks good mood, a brilliant smile, a spring, also holding a glass of wine and intimate photo, and the accompanying text: "just to see President Obama, as Obama no  1  VIP& nbsp; vip". She then sent a photo of micro-blog, "and the president of the United States after the meeting, Obama published in the garden for half an hour to 40 minutes of speech, full of tall on the sense of the scene, people can not help but admire," blackflow goddess "too is a full and the grade of the spring festival!

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