Don’t tread on the migrant workers entrepreneurship minefield

farmers go out to earn money is a common phenomenon, but the total work is not a long-term solution, many migrant workers return home entrepreneurship desire. The return of migrant workers entrepreneurial success is influenced by many factors, migrant workers here to remind friends, don’t step on the minefield of time.

1, with funds, no market.

2, a market, do not understand the business.

3, understand the business, do not understand management.

one each one has his good points, and each man has his limitations. People can not only see what they can do, but also know what they can not do. Some people are good at doing things, but not necessarily good at management. The most difficult management is managing people, the people have with you for dry pipe hell-bent. Internal management, the most important thing is to control the quality and cost. There is no product quality and quality of service of the enterprise, it is impossible to become a hundred years of longevity enterprises, has lived in the dairy industry, the boss of the San Lu fell on the quality of products. Do not understand the cost management, do not know the business, enterprises do not enrichment, cake. Because the enterprise business is not a charity, a loss of the sale do not long.

4, understand management, no talent.

5, talent, do not understand the law.