Take food old teach you the winning sequel

had to introduce a number of old to take food in the snack competition winning strategy, the last only two key tricks, but now want to introduce a sequel is more important, I hope investors can take food snacks patiently look down.

3, feelings and sense of value

: visual experience in the consumer era of diversity, not only the artists color value is high, the restaurant will go visual line, attractive space, the customer will be further understanding of the restaurant intrinsic interest.

Take the first dish to

"old lines and the number of seats, kitchen design level of assurance over Taiwan, that we dare to take your shop to fill in the field. Take food from the old brand name to VI and space design, with a strong fan in the Republic of China as the theme, to give chowhound strong visual impact, and meet the aesthetic spiritual needs of the 80 and 90 fun.

4, make good use of Internet tools

is a product of the Internet thinking of the real world, is to meet the new term development for human numerous living beings, is made up of pseudonyms, is the needs of development of the Internet, is still tall people upgrade forced pet phrase. Behind the Internet thinking, deeply hidden or traditional philosophical wisdom, must be scientific and objective view.

Internet to allow all the time and space to become an obstacle free efficiency, enhance production. If you blindly copy others, is a dead end.

take the old dish is very good use of the Internet this tool, but do not talk about the Internet thinking. The pursuit of quality to the extreme, it becomes a feeling, a feeling, and feelings are hard to forget, with a strong interpersonal transmission, so take the old number itself is from the media.

media is the carrier of information knowledge thought and feelings, since the media refers to the strength of the external media. Do meal enterprises need to put the elements of the idea of brand knowledge to practice out and details in the store show, consumers will spread their mouth. At the same time, the old can take food in the city as the center of the food from the media promotion, with activities relying on the efforts to promote brand consumer education, to achieve multi latitude multi frequency strong juke effect.

"our good luck, regional and community shopping center is developing very fast and has become the main destination catering customers shopping center; the two major trends in the restaurant business forced the brand and characteristics of small dining area. Take food from a birth old number change coincides with the shopping center catering investment, to cater to this trend naturally or half unconsciously.

took food this year for two years in the streets all over the country, with a certain mass base, but because of the low grade into the mall