What are the advantages of the brand will think tank

in the spicy hot pot brand will think off spicy hot pot is a leading brand of incense pot. The company was founded in 07. From one of only 10 square meters of shops to the stalls more than 40 thousand square meters of business area; from 10 to more than 4 thousand employees of the national staff development food chain group. Currently in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan, Hebei and other places have more than and 20 stores, more than and 200 franchise stores. So how to join the brand? Take a look at the following Xiaobian introduce the advantages you will understand.

think guest brand advantage:

1, trademark advantage

"thinking will be off" brand trademark by the China Administration for Industry and Commerce in many aspects, multi Industry registration success, has been a registered certificate, think guest Catering Management Co., Ltd. has also been successfully registered and approved by the administration of industry and commerce.

2, brand publicity advantage

will think off the company attaches great importance to a variety of media, attaches great importance to advertising, in "Hunan," "Hunan city", "Hunan TV" "Hunan women" and "Changsha mobile channel" "Xiaoxiang Morning" and "three city newspaper" tudou.com "" youku.com "" Cool 6 network "and" sina.com.cn "etc. the media made a mandatory advertising and soft advertising.

3, product advantages

will guest guest chef and delicacy experts, formed a huge R & D team, two years of painstaking research, successfully invented the pot formula of thirty-one kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs and spices and unique cooking techniques, which will think off strong product competitiveness; the bottom of the pot recipes and unique cooking technology the production process standardization, process standardization, simplification, to ensure uniform taste.

4, environmental advantages

think guest restaurant environment special international famous designer standardized, modular design, integration of modern Chinese and western restaurant design concept, unique fashion elements and modern flavor.

5, management advantage

will think off the company standard for each store, unified, standardized management, will think off the company hired international and domestic listed companies catering management elite management team, using the traditional medicinal technology China made of unique flavor, management means adopts the international standard management.

think will guest pot conditions:

1, with and in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the store, the actual operating area of 200–300 square (four generation shop) 150–300 square meters (+ three)