Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver water gold seal was located at the national level cultural relics

is located in Sichuan Meishan, the water "Jiangkou Shen Yin Ruins of a batch of 50 before immersion silver, two silver and a gold seal found in the book of cultural relics, with important historical value.

1 5, "Zhang Xianzhong found in the center area of Jiangkou silver deposition site" a batch of precious cultural relics found in the mysterious veil, engraved with the "Atlantic" and "reign of the Silver King Award" gold and silver coins, the most precious is 12 cm long, 10 cm wide, weighs 730 grams, a moment the closure of book 29 words, was identified as a national heritage.

1646, Zhang Xianzhong was shot dead in Sichuan Xichong Lantau Peak and Qing fight. About Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver, "Shu Bi" and "Pengshan county" records in the Zhang Xianzhong estuary was defeated, the ship was burning heavy, gold and silver with the ship sunk in the river, "Sichuan police recorded" record Zhang Xianzhong to collect the gold and silver sunk in the river in the estuary.

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