Suspected Jane Zhang unmarried pregnant both sides have not yet responded

Recently, micro-blog

users broke the news, Jane Zhang appeared in a maternity hospital suspected of unmarried pregnant. This news caused heated debate. But neither Jane Zhang nor her boyfriend responded to the news.

2 1, micro-blog users’ entertainment secret broke the news, said: "Jane Zhang was pregnant?! recently, some friends broke the news in a Beijing maternity hospital encounter Jane Zhang, suspected of unmarried pregnant!   at the same time, broke the blogger also drying out a variety of photos, suspected Jane Zhang appeared in the maternity hospital.

in that it broke micro-blog, only suspected Jane Zhang who appeared in the picture below is that the location of the obstetrics and Gynecology hospital. In this regard, the media contacted Jane Zhang boyfriend, but the other did not reply to reporters. Jane Zhang aspects of the propaganda staff said the matter does not know.