Spring Festival promotions can benefit customers

to do promotional work, shopkeepers are eager for a fight, can look forward to show its mettle. However, the current fierce competition in the commercial market, want to promote better results, but also need to take a better promotion strategy. In short, the stable development of a shop, can not do without the support of customers. The Spring Festival is approaching, and customer contact feelings, strengthen the relationship between the promotion of the Spring Festival is the foundation. To this end, I made full preparations in customer feedback, prepare the New Year present consumer feedback.

is in store shopping send couplets. Immediately to the new year, every family will be the Spring Festival couplets. I carefully selected from the wholesale market in the year of the monkey Spring Festival couplets on the shop, where to store more than 20 yuan to send a festive couplets. The two is the brand to help send. During the Spring Festival Promotion, I prepared a number of well-known brands of liquor, wine drinks, high-grade gift for customers to buy. Over 200 yuan to send 20 yuan in cash. Household appliances, daily necessities full of 300 yuan to send cash of $30.

three is the year sale more surprises. I set up a sale counters in the shop every day for Ritter, a dozen in the sale of goods purchase price sales. Daily specials are replaced, not repeated. Four is a member of the integration of gifts. Usually customers in my store shopping, I will send a card, 1 yuan, 1 points. During the Spring Festival Promotion, I arranged for a person to inform customers to use integral card to redeem gifts, the more points, the higher the value of the gift, the highest integral customer gift is a fully automatic washing machine. See those generous gifts, many old customers look cheerful happy.

for customers, although the propaganda can accumulate popularity, integrity can let the customer more trust in the shop. However, only the real benefits can be more long-term retention of customers. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you want to do more work in the Spring Festival Promotion, might as well use some benefits to customers.