The site title relates to the positioning of the website

has a lot of new website owners for the positioning of the site is often not enough attention, are generally to locate. This approach can indeed allows owners to quickly build websites, but with the establishment of the website that had determined the direction of the original is a big direction, the direction of which there are many small, this new Adsense tend to be at a loss what to do, do not know where to go in one direction. Simply choose it, but in the end you will find yourself with the thought is completely different, at that time will be a point of no return, after all, at that time, the website ranking, what has been done, in order to change, the price is quite high. How to locate the correct site title? The following might be able to help you read more

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To solve the love Shanghai included cannot be found by keyword articles six key


so, according to this kind of smooth, selected to the title of the post, it is best to choose the keywords you want to be with Shanghai to find the appropriate love.

first, search keywords, love Shanghai general appears smooth: "containing the keyword Gao Quanzhong’s website (including the forum), the secondary page containing keywords header (the general web browsing popularity more, and high weight, in the four major portals and other authoritative website — article) the title contains keywords, but not in the title of the head — the title of the article without words, but the first passage of the keyword is the beginning." read more

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Each Shanghai dragon has a friend called loneliness

Study hard every dayWhy Two, learn to find

Shanghai dragon must learn to get along with

, do not give up the execution of

sometimes may be repeated work, the same work will make us tired. So we need to learn more and get lonely, how to do what we should do

each have a friend called loneliness, we often take loneliness as a rival, which is often accompanied by lonely every Shanghai dragon spent in the most difficult time, loneliness is when we optimize the site it will not bother you, stay in your side. Loneliness is when we meet some problems will not give you the chaos that direction, loneliness is when we will make the website optimization effect, can give an independent environment to vent pent up tired. read more

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Analysis of small web site for high quality Links secret

everyone is in such communication with QQ, so we need to pay attention to when using the QQ nickname, don’t play that very exclusive nickname, although some people may Links default index, but does not mean not to be both personal feeling left and right, a revolting the nickname, let people are not willing to add you, how do you go on.

three, weaknesses, declare their advantages of

, get rid of the non mainstream, with the formal nickname

in Links, many people will use a tool, which is QQ, although there are many online e-mail and telephone calls, but we have been accustomed to using QQ to communicate. Compared with the mail, QQ mail more than instant supplement each other, to eliminate doubts; compared with the phone, QQ chat to detail the website and data expression to each other. read more

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Novice webmaster how to do link bait

webmaster can determine the needs of the population according to your site’s theme, can be written to the title of the article according to the needs of the target population, the same title would not be someone willing to click to see, must be able to attract people’s attention, let the user see a stimulus click desire, this title is the success of the.

link bait so Baidu and more in website channel, another is for the owners to demand chain construction, the general linkbait are more objective, whether to let Baidu attention, or to increase the flow rate, are required to identify the target station. read more

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Keywords quality of bidding is important How to improve

is generally a good quality of key account Samsung to reach more than seventy percent, many people say this difficult skill is very simple, in fact, some of the accounts I had been working in the quality of Samsung keywords is above eighty percent, and I have also helped some free enterprises to enhance the quality of, reached this standard, so the key words can optimize the quality degree is not up, everybody says so difficult. What skills? The first complete account of the structure is the most important, affects the quality of the key words of the star. For example, the establishment of unit etc.. Secondly, the quality of creative writing words star upgrade read more

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Case analysis of website ranking the first chapter

this site was able to get more than 10000 Domain value of the site to play, because the site is actually a twenty site chain in one, from the picture can be.

First we

from the picture data, this website Domain number is only 261, the love of Shanghai is the next day, the snapshot included the number reached 737, what surprises me most is the site of the PR value was 3, and then look at the domain name age, the creation time is 11 months time, let the I am surprised that the website Links, only out of the chain, almost no link back, what the site’s ranking is how to get read more

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An analytical method for fast recovery site was collected after K


first website is to find out the reasons in time after K. This is the key point for the site to be K after it is not directly increase the quality of the chain so simple, the first step is to find the site is the cause of the K, this is the fast solution method to find a ready-made panacea. The author through the K event summary, the site was K a few major reasons: the space often isn’t open, this is caused by the site was the most important reason K. The website appears invalid links, which causes the invalid links mostly because the website caused, this needs the webmaster to deal with. Increase the speed up third site outside the chain is not stable, as everyone knows the site outside the chain is very important to the site influence. Fourth Links have a poor record, due to Links. K away is the case, the author also encountered. The site was linked to horse, needless to say, once the horse is not timely treatment will be K off. All in all, after the site was K off, carefully patiently looking for the cause of recovery was found to cause rapid K. read more

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Google of all natural search results for SSL encryption

noble baby why of all the natural search results are to be encrypted, the reason may be two points: one is that some time ago by leaving the raise a Babel of criticism of prism monitoring project, Google will protect the privacy of citizens as the reason, to all the natural search results are given SSL encryption; two is to improve Google’s advertising sales, because the SSL encryption only for natural search results, and for advertisers, can still see the truth in the key words in Google’s advertising system. read more

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Enhance the website weight several key points of the latest decryption


third: text number


on these points, I slowly find it, say a few words, I found love towards Shanghai "

I think now about 3% in the most appropriate, not stacked together, the best dispersion, above the appropriate on the anchor text, can, and completed 10%.

third: the site is updated regularly, to the original, each soft are carefully dealt with

I think this is very important, the text is best accounted for the entire station 60%, it is more suitable for optimization, you can try the website text, the density will be good, open speed will well, Shanghai spiders will grab a good love. read more

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