How to deal with search engine optimization

search engine of change, will maintain a certain website. Not all of the "kill", is the gradual increase in demand. So, do the natural ranking optimization, the need to observe the details of this focus on. Thus, on site and optimize the mode change, effective echo, the impact will gradually decrease.

search engine optimization how to do this? In some famous high forum or portal website, number of questions more problems. Direct response, optimization of the situation. For those engaged in Shanghai Longfeng long working time of staff, the pressure on the slightly smaller, can be effective to deal with. On the other hand, for an entry-level staff, will appear in the prominent anxiety. The optimization of the current difficulties, is indeed increased. From two aspects analysis: one is the number of e-commerce sites increased; two is the search engine rules, increase the difficulty of the audit. Following the analysis on it, so we can understand how. read more

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Webmaster pain the unknown that the site is no longer being the secret of K

website optimization is not too obvious, such as keyword density big, serious pile, the chain too much and not natural. In the optimization, must pay attention to the user experience, don’t forget to optimize the optimization, user experience, don’t forget to love Shanghai spiders to your users, and is a very important user experience, it is not good, your network is dangerous.

1 in the recent time bought a lot of chain or black chain. If a web site, especially the accelerated increase of new sites at a time outside of the chain. Let the love of Shanghai is very easy to find the chain has no regularity, it will easily cause the alert. In the presence of more advanced algorithms, a massive increase in the chain through short-term to improve website ranking approach has not what effect will only lead to site is down right or be K. read more

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Look at the changes in love Shanghai from the Taobao ranking algorithm to adjust the Related words

last updated Taobao Related words on wheat bags have been killed while others love Shanghai, the website ranking not out, he felt a little strange, this love Shanghai update before the home page rebate network, Amoy 800, JUSTYLE, related keywords hi Tao net website for "Taobao" are not directly in the top two pages, and the observation of these sites in Chinaz are indeed drop a lot of weight, found. Here is the Taobao search results page "and" taobao贵族宝贝 ", the top ten are. Taobao贵族宝贝 own: read more

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No no ranking of traffic to a website where exactly

please indicate the original article: couple discoloration Cup, this paper address: 贵族宝贝peapi.c>

2, check the key layout, because the local car information, in writing, to add the appropriate place names, such as "Guangzhou car" "Guangzhou automobile group purchase" "Guangzhou automobile 4S shop", as if the copy and paste, then repeat the Internet content too much, not only not included there will be K station may. In addition to the layout, keyword with long tail keywords, appear repeatedly in the article, but do not pile, suggested that the relevant keyword the same page not more than 8. read more

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Let the traffic surge fast mining high quality long tail word

two: select the appropriate long tail word

is the primary key of the long tail word extension, however, and the long tail word not all words are extended to optimize the site suitable for. Such as the correlation of the long tail word, many owners in the long tail word extension ignores the correlation of the long tail word and extension, the final results of the results are often not ideal. Because if the user to search the long tail word, then there must be a direct search for specific content. As the primary key for the "Department of orthopedics hospital", extends the long tail word "which Shijiazhuang family hospital best Department of orthopedics" can not write "which Shijiazhuang family hospital is the best treatment of osteoporotic bone fracture" of course, this is just an example. The definition of the word long tail must not offset its intention, otherwise the results will not on the main keyword complement each other. read more

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‘m in the construction of the chain of some methods and experience sharing

1, take my QQ station for example, last week I analyzed 50 QQ stations about chain, each careful research and Analysis on the site outside the chain a bit is the same is to ask SOSO, as can be imagined in the Q & a platform in the construction of the chain, there is the important role of the previous SOSO and ask the chain or better, recently I found his audit mechanism seems to be becoming more stringent, many stations into the blacklist, I unfortunately also included, well not wordy, in the Q & a platform in the construction of the chain should pay attention to the correlation answer the problem, so the effect will be better, and don’t answer the questions with the same content, so the effect is not very good. In addition to the SOSO and love Shanghai know, question and so on, should pay attention to the overall amount of " " " and " otherwise, but counterproductive things, too late for regrets. read more

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How to improve the quality of the chain in website optimization

in the website optimization process, the influence factors in addition to the chain and the original content, key chain is also affecting the success of Shanghai Longfeng station or not. The optimization of the chain does not mean unlimited increase the number of the chain, but to pay more attention to its quality. Only this kind of chain will be on the website optimization weight will play a complementary effect, how to improve the quality of the chain under the star to talk about network in website optimization. read more

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How to speed up the update frequency snapshot love Shanghai

update website refers to the content of the website is updated, and not going to tell you the following website problems.

update problem snapshot love Shanghai really upset a lot of people, everyone in the pain call "why my website do not update it", "how to stop my site updated?", "let a person have a headache is really love Shanghai"…… It is Voices of discontent. Oh, in fact our company website is often like this, because we are a new station, no matter how hard, it seems that the effect is very little, but we are still unremittingly and often every day, to learn from the experience of others, put questions to the others. This update slow for the love Shanghai snapshot, actually today to impart to you are a veteran of the wise remark of an experienced person here, I just play a small role, summarize it, now is not to say, we are going to talk about love Shanghai snapshot. read more

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The three picture annotation game websites can not simply rely on the Shanghai Dragon

third, flow exchange: there are a lot of small game site, can flow through the exchange to improve the number of users. Could you on the website of the game he did, he some games you did so through the swap is a >

first, through the long tail: since the game the key competition is so fierce, so we can start from the long tail, found some long tail word search the long tail and little competition to optimize, the flow is very accurate.

this is the love of Shanghai open platform, obviously, there is a market industry love Shanghai will not let 4399 so famous game site is also very helpless in second place, so for our small and medium-sized website, love Shanghai open platform has robbed us a lot of traffic. Look at the game player platform is very convenient, but as the game webmaster, I feel more pressure. read more

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Liu Daiyuan Shanghai Dragon Master quick chain article

comes to love Shanghai encyclopedia, for all engines, how do we do outside the chain of high quality, so as to improve the site keywords ranking. We can be divided into two directions: one is to do we released the chain platform weight properties. The two is that we released the chain content quality. The release of the chain in the higher the weight and the website keyword similar platform. Release link content should focus on the theme of keywords. >

in China, in many search engines, love Shanghai search user coverage is the largest. For our Shanghai dragon ER, first is to do love Shanghai keyword optimization. Many people will need to find the love of Shanghai is recognized outside the chain of high quality. For the love of Shanghai, what is the best of the chain. Love is the answer of Shanghai’s own products. Then love is the highest authority of Shanghai products. Here, we must know it – love Shanghai encyclopedia. First I take some charts for everyone to see. read more

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