More than 60 of Canadians worried US fiscal cliff will hurt domestic

TORONTO — Nearly two-thirds of Canadians are concerned our economy will be hurt if a deal is not reached by U.S. politicians to avoid the fiscal cliff, a poll commissioned by Sun Life Financial suggests.The poll found 63% of Canadians are worried the automatic tax increases and government spending cuts set to take affect at the start of the year will drag down the Canadian economy.The question was asked as part of Sun Life’s annual check-up survey, which also found that more than half of Canadians feel they are not better off financially compared with a year ago.[np_storybar title=”Here are the key dates ahead in the fiscal cliff standoff” link=””%5DSharp U.S. tax increases and government spending cuts will take effect in January unless Congress and President Barack Obama can agree on a package of deficit reduction measures.[/np_storybar]Sadiq Adatia, chief investment officer of Sun Life Global Investments, says the fiscal cliff is just one of the concerns on Canadians’ minds.Adatia says Canadians also face high debt levels and a slowing real estate market.The poll was based on interviews with some 1,277 Canadians from the Ipsos Canadian online panel.The Canadian Press read more

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