Underground battery options increase again with new Sandvik machines

first_imgSandvik has introduced two new battery powered underground mining machines this week at MINExpo – a battery-powered LHD, the Sandvik LH307B, with new technology for emission-free underground loading and hauling; and a battery powered dozer, the Sandvik LZ101LE.Sandvik states that the new LHD will help customers address ever-increasing requirements to reduce emissions and fuel costs, reducing total cost of ownership. The LH307B “brings the best of both worlds to underground mines: utilizing electrical power providing the independence of movement similar to diesel loaders, yet without the related diesel emissions and costs.”The payload of 6.7 t will be moved using components that are shared with the diesel Sandvik LH307, with much the same performance characteristics. Using the charging station’s “quick charge,” Sandvik LH307B can be ready for use in approximately 15 minutes. Sandvik LH307B is also compatible with Sandvik mine automation and information management systems. Its lithium titanate oxide (LTO) battery technology enables rapid recharging, providing continuous operation with a single battery pack – there is no need to swap batteries during or between shifts. Liquid cooling guarantees a long battery lifetime across a broad range of ambient temperatures – in fact, sufficient to cover the useful service life of the loader itself. The single-battery strategy offers several tangible benefits: eliminating the need for spare batteries and/or a dedicated crane and battery swap area effectively cuts capex costs.The Sandvik LH307B is available with a service pack designed to keep the loader productive 365 days a year. The service pack includes maintenance kits for each and every service interval, together with planned repairs of major components over the equipment’s life. These repairs will be planned in line with actual component condition, giving consideration to the mine’s production schedule and minimising downtime.For many years Sandvik has also been developing its low-profile range of equipment to offer customers increased safety, improved productivity and reliability while reducing operating costs in low-seam operations. To complement its low-profile range of equipment, Sandvik is now launching its new fully battery-powered dozer Sandvik LZ101LE. The battery functionality will improve the underground working environment since there are no emissions or increased heat generation from the engine. “Battery charging is done during the drilling and blasting cycle, ensuring that the dozer is always ready to do its job. The battery power also reduces the need to transport diesel in the mine.”The Sandvik LZ101LE has a push capacity of up to 4 t and is remotely operated, enabling operators to work at a safe distance and avoid spending time under an unsupported roof. The battery power pack is mounted on Sandvik LZ101LE, reducing the risk of running over cables.“The Sandvik LZ101LE dozer is an important addition to the low-profile Sandvik portfolio as the supplier aims to help customers mechanise the entire operating cycle. With improved safety, productivity and minimized ore dilution, Sandvik low-profile drill rigs are an ideal choice for working in tabular ore bodies, such as platinum and chrome mines. These rigs have been designed for development, rock support and production drilling in sections as low as 1.7 m with optimum drilling coverage and performance.”last_img read more

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